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From time to time I also hold a webinar in which I show and explain all sorts of things to you. Most of the time it is about naturopathy and the use of herbs in medicine and care/cosmetics. Every now and then, a webinar also takes place in a purely practical way and we cook together or make something for our loved ones or our cozy home. Just take a look at the appointment calendar , there you will always find the dates and other information, such as time, price, etc. By the way: sometimes I give free webinars.

And how about it? Interested in learning?

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My webinars always take place on the Edudip platform. The time frame is from half an hour to a whole afternoon. You need an internet that is as stable as possible, a PC/laptop, a microphone and a camera (but it is not required). All webinars are recorded and later uploaded to Youtube (members only).

There are currently no webinars

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