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There will be webinars for some training and courses, which are either accessible at any time (videos) or announced at specific times (live webinars). These mainly consist of further information or are offered as additional modules and further training courses in addition to the basic training courses. It's already being worked on...

Course participants only pay 50% of the course price for the webinars as an additional qualification.



Training "Aromatherapy - aroma consultant ZAN" = 490 euros

Additional qualification aromatic oils in care: Normal price 100 euros - 50% = 50 euros

All others = 100 euros

Graduate codes are located in the campus area.

Zusatzkurse werden kurz nach Geldeingang in Gänze zur Verfügung gestellt, weshalb laut deutschem Recht, ein Widerruf verfällt = § 312g Abs. 2 BGB  und  § 356 Abs. 4 BGB = Siehe hier

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