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From the first period to the tricky menopause, I would be happy to advise you in a personal conversation.

Here we will not only examine current inadequacies, but also your fears regarding various "stages" will be discussed. Very casual. Afterwards, I recommend therapy or suitable support via aromatherapy, medicinal herbs, nutrition or relaxation. A natural supplement instead of hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Of course, you should take serious problems and illnesses seriously and consult a doctor if the circumstances are, for example, very painful or regularly recurring or long-lasting. Small ailments during the period or during the menopause can also be very helpful and healing with the help of naturopathy.

We can also discuss aging and graying. Especially the topic of menopause can throw an otherwise tough woman out of control. Let's just see together how we can turn things around and get everything back on track.

A one-hour consultation costs 49.90 including small handouts, recipes and 3 oils tailored to you or a small basic package. More to come.

Tips about women's problems during the period, PMS and menopause. From fresh herbs to aromatherapy to natural hormone replacement. We can do it...




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