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In the various workshops we will transform our previously and freshly collected finds into great things. It doesn't matter whether it's a festive wild herb menu or sweet desserts or oils, vinegars and more. Or something for the beauty like lip balms, shampoos or whatever we can dress up with. In other courses we take care of our well-being and conjure up our own "healing potions" such as syrups, tinctures and what not. And how beautiful the homemade natural soap looks and smells...

In my workshops, you will get to know the various possibilities that nature offers us in its diverse forms in small, cozy groups, in the kitchen, for care and health or as a pretty gift idea. When, where and what kind of workshops take place and how much they cost, you can find out here .

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Come join me


The workshops take place at different locations, this can be in a community college, a private institution, at my home or similar. Participation starts from 4 people and is limited to a maximum of 12. Why are there smaller groups in workshops than on herb hikes? It's quite simple: there isn't always enough space and by dealing more intensively with the "material" the clarity is simply better with fewer people.

The cost of the excursion must always be paid in advance, at least 1 week before the date, by bank transfer, unless otherwise stated. The price always includes all ingredients, take-away products, etc. Please cancel in good time before the meeting if you no longer wish to participate. Please also briefly read my  terms and conditions   and other  information  . If the workshop is offered via the VHS, the rules and prices specified there apply.

I would like and must also point out that medicinal herbs neither replace a doctor or alternative practitioner nor cause miracles, which is why I am happy to give tips on various ailments, but I cannot, will and may not make any promises of healing to some!

The dates for the workshops can be found in the calendar . There you will also find further conditions and prices. The workshop price includes the material, the necessary documents, the supply and your own creations. You can use them for your own personal use or give them away as gifts. Each participant will then receive a handout with all the information and recipes by email (PDF). The workshops last between 1 and 6 hours, depending on the number of participants and the type of workshop, this is also stated in the description.

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