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Already Goethe said:

"I walked in the forest, just for myself. To look for nothing, that was my purpose."

forest bathing

In addition to my herbal hikes, workshops, etc., I would like to offer you something special that I think is very important: forest bathing.

Sure you've heard of it, but have you done it before? Have you roamed through the forest with all your senses, have you explored your emotions and noticed how you felt holistically before, during and after? OK, that sounds great.

And if not: I offer you an intensive forest bathing session with all your senses, during which you will learn a little more about the forest, the trees and about yourself. After the walk we stop and talk about what is moving us. You might actually find out something new about yourself here. We won't even have to go far, but we can.

During our "baths" we will switch off, let go (care and worry wardrobe), feel, taste, touch, listen, see, marvel, learn, exchange experiences and strengthen ourselves. If you don't want to do something, you don't have to. He will not suffer any disadvantages as a result.

Depending on the course, the forest bathing lasts 1 to 4 hours, so that we can also be on the go with less mobile people and fitter people. We can start with 4 people and the whole thing is limited to 10/12 participants because of the consideration for nature and also the cosiness. All you need is good shoes, weatherproof clothing and something to drink and off you go...


What about you? Do you want to be there?

>>> Here <<< you will find my book about forest bathing

Forest bathing modules

(Trial courses are always 1 hour and each contain at least 1 element from the modules)

  • Meditation: This forest bath is preventive and therapy-related to relaxation. With and without singing bowls.

  • Sensual: Here we will use our 5 senses

  • Creative & Learning: We use things from the forest to create a little memory (ideal for children) and/or to focus (if we are nervous, have difficulty concentrating...)

  • Social issues: This course is for seniors, children with weak integration, etc. suitable

  • Intensive: In this forest pool, everything is put together in small units (ideal for getting to know each other). I mainly offer this module.

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I would be happy to tell you more about it in a personal/telephone conversation :)

What is forest bathing for?

  • Switch off and let go

    (stress, grief, burn out...)
  • Attention (dementia, difficulty concentrating, relaxation...)

  • Train senses (strengthen sensitivity...)

  • learn about yourself

  • Preventive & accompanying therapy (health of soul, mind and body)

  • Social (children with disabilities, youth work...)


We are always dependent on the weather on the hikes, so I would like to ask you to dress weatherproof and weather-appropriate. Sturdy shoes and a rain cape would be useful. 

The cost of the excursion must always be paid in advance, at least 1 week before the date, by bank transfer, unless otherwise stated. Please unsubscribe in good time before the meeting if you no longer wish to attend. Please also briefly read my  terms and conditions   and other  information  . If the forest pool is offered via the VHS, the rules and prices stated there apply.

I would like and must also point out that medicinal herbs neither replace a doctor or alternative practitioner nor cause miracles, which is why I am happy to give tips on various ailments, but I cannot, will and may not make any promises of healing to some! Take a look at my terms and conditions and my disclaimer .

You can find the dates for the hikes in the calendar . There you will also find further conditions and prices. The hikes last between 1 and 4 hours, depending on the information. Since we move around in nature and occasionally roam through animal regions, I would like to ask you to set your cell phone to silent or vibrate so as not to disturb the animals. More information about our tours is always available before you set off.

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