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Terms and Conditions (GTC)

Vendor = ZAN

Customer = participant/buyer/student


§ 1 - Validity and terminology

1 The following general terms and conditions apply exclusively to the business relationship and the contractual agreements concluded between the provider and the customer. Deviating general terms and conditions and agreements of the customer are not recognized unless the provider agrees to their validity in writing.

2 Customer within the meaning of these General Terms and Conditions is any natural person with legal capacity. The offer is aimed exclusively at adults from all circles.



§ 2 - Fees and Offers

1  According to §19 UStG, the prices shown here do not include sales tax and are therefore to be understood as including sales tax.

2 For my offers (herbal excursions, workshops, training courses...), the prices stated in the offer descriptions are due in advance within 14 days and before participation, unless something else has been agreed in writing. Agreements that are not in writing are therefore invalid.

3 Invoices are only sent by email. Please also look in the spam folder.

4 The information on my website, brochures, flyers, social media channels, etc. The prices and offers quoted for promotions are non-binding and subject to change. However, the prices that have already been agreed with the provider are binding.

5  By sending the contract (shop order), the customer enters into a binding contract that both parties must fulfill. It also represents acceptance of the contract by telephone or email.
6 Appointments not canceled in good time (1 week to 24 hours at the latest) will be credited up to 100%, depending on the circumstances. Exceptions are demonstrable non-culpable events. However, a replacement may be provided. 

7 Amounts not transferred in time exclude participation. In this case, another appointment can be made or the money will be refunded.

§ 3 - Right of withdrawal and clauses

1 As in the cancellation policy, the provider also points out that there is a right of cancellation of 14 days after receipt of the goods (offline). In the case of digitally sent goods, this expires with the order and execution of the services or the fulfillment of the contract. That means: By sending the order, the customer enters into a binding contract. This contract can be terminated monthly for the first time after 1 month on the 5th of each month.

2 Returned goods must be properly received by the provider within 14 days (intact, clean, complete). The customer is responsible for shipping, if possible insured. ZAN is not obliged to accept freight collect goods. If the goods have arrived properly at the supplier, the fee paid will be refunded immediately (within 7 days) and by the same payment method and in full. If there are defects, the provider is entitled to demand compensation and to deduct this from the fee paid by the customer in an acceptable amount.

§ 4 - Termination/Withdrawal

1 Cancellations are possible for online training and practical courses if the contract has not been executed in full. This means that the following notice periods apply to courses that are paid for and activated on a monthly/module basis and are not immediately available in full:

  • First termination possible after 1 month.

  • Then always until the 5th of each month in the monthly cycle.

2  Up to the time of termination, all fees/rates for the month must be paid in advance. The previously paid modules remain available until the notice period. After that, the areas will be blocked.

3 A 4-week trial period is available for all online training courses with gradual activation.

4 For webinars, workshops, etc. A notice period of 4 weeks applies.

5 Evidence must be provided for extraordinary termination.

6 Courses not taken or completed by the participant will not be refunded in whole or in part.

7 Cancellations must be made in writing (post, email, no fax).

8 Fees that have been incurred to date will not be reimbursed.

9  Starter packages are fully credited and the fee retained in the event of a refund.

10 If you pay in installments, there is no repayment because the goods have already been delivered for the period paid for.

§ 5 - Trial period

1 All courses or training and further education have a free trial period of 4 weeks. I am confident in my content and want you to be too before you complete the course. Only after the trial period can you book the course for a fee and bindingly via the campus area ( not via the shop ). If you don't want to complete the course, you don't have to do anything else or make a small click in the course area. You will not incur any costs until then.

2  During the trial period, the study documents and additional options can only be viewed to a limited extent. The course will only be activated for you as a whole within 24 hours after the booking has been made and the money has been received.

3 However, you can fully participate at any time, a short message is sufficient. All documents are then available to you immediately or, in the case of installment payments, in modules. The right of withdrawal expires with immediate effect in the case of a one-time payment and immediate execution of the contract.

§ 6 - Teaching Material

1 The teaching material will be handed over to the customer within 3 working days after receipt of payment (by e-mail or post, as contractually agreed).

2 All documents are subject to the provider's copyright and may not be passed on or published in whole or in part. This applies to a donation, loan, sale or excerpts or previews on websites, on social media channels, etc. They may only be used for your own private use for educational purposes. The customer has to protect the copyright and the terms and conditions in this regard. Use in lectures, training courses etc. as well as editing and changing is also prohibited. Violators will be prosecuted criminally and civilly.

3 The goods will only be issued after successful and full payment. When paying in installments monthly or in modules.


§ 7 - Dates

1 The exact meeting points will always be announced to the customer in good time by e-mail after the payment has been received.

2 dates can be canceled by the provider for the following reasons: weather, illness and too few participants. Here the customer can opt for a refund or a subsequent appointment. Of course, this does not incur any costs for the customer.

3 Liability for possible cancellations is excluded, but any fees paid will be refunded immediately as mentioned in § 3.

4 Appointments not canceled in good time (1 week to 24 hours at the latest) by the customer will be charged up to 100%, depending on the cancellation of the appointment. Exceptions are demonstrable non-culpable events. However, a replacement may be provided.

5 The provider is not liable for missed appointments, unless grossly negligent action was taken (forgotten an appointment...). In this case, the provider will refund the full fee paid or offer a replacement appointment in a timely manner.

§ 8 - Participation

1 After receipt of payment you will be informed of the exact meeting point by email. The number of participants is limited and will be communicated with the respective course, workshop...

2 Customers arriving late can of course still participate. If the customer arrives so late that he can no longer participate, the fees paid will not be reimbursed in part or in full. The fee paid serves to compensate for the failure because another customer could not take the place or the provider's income suffered a loss as a result.

3 The Provider has the right to refuse an order without giving a reason, be it because there have been difficulties in the past or similar.

§ 9 - Healing Statements, Insurance Coverage and Limitations of Liability
1 In the case of  long-lasting or recurring injuries and illnesses that are painful or profusely bleeding, a doctor or naturopath or clinic must always be consulted. The course does not replace a medical assessment.

2   Recipes, tips and recommendations from the provider are always ideas or inspirations that can be healing, such as thyme tea for colds and the like. They do not represent an examination, diagnosis or therapy or a replacement for therapy. In the event of problems with mental and physical health, a specialist should be consulted and a combination of natural remedies discussed with him.

3 Claims on the part of the customer   for damages are excluded. Excluded from this are those claims for damages resulting from injury to life, limb, health or from the breach of essential contractual obligations (cardinal obligations) as well as liability for other damages that are based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by the provider or that of his legal representatives or vicarious agents . Essential contractual obligations are those whose fulfillment is necessary to achieve the objective of the contract.

4 The provider is only liable for contract-typical, foreseeable damage if this was caused by simple negligence and is related to the fulfillment of a contract. This means that the provider cannot be held liable for what customers who do something they want to do of their own free will and damage their health as a result. This also applies to the assistants.

5 There can be no guarantee that the offers will be successful. Not every customer reacts in the same way, some need more time. The provider has no influence on this.
6 Of course, the provider is insured against professional liability, but he cannot assume any liability for cases that cannot be attributed to the provider. This applies to lost, damaged or stolen items, but also injuries caused during the workshop and/or imitation (recipes, collecting herbs...) due to carelessness or incorrect behavior on the part of the customer.



Click here for the cancellation policy and the cancellation form - Here you will find the data protection regulations.

Changes subject to change. As of 2022.

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