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My tips for a nice project ;)

>>> To the cancellation policy <<<

>>> Privacy Policy<<<

  • Please always plan sturdy shoes and weatherproof clothing.

  • Appropriate gloves and drinks must be brought along unless they are included in the price (please read the event information for this).

  • If possible, bring a basket, a tea towel and scissors (herbal hikes) or a seat pad (forest bathing). If necessary, I can provide these (limited, please inquire beforehand).

  • Mobile phones should be set to silent or vibrate, because we want to move around in nature as inconspicuously and gently as possible.

  • Unfortunately, dogs cannot (yet) be taken along, but I will think of something so that our beloved four-legged friends can be with us.

  • Bookings must be canceled at least 1 week in advance, otherwise the full participation fee will be due due to the short-term cancellation if no other participant can move up. The unforeseen is of course something else and should be presented without being asked.

  • The fee for the event is always due before participation and must be paid in advance via bank transfer or Paypal. For short-term payment, please provide a confirmation. Participation despite unpaid fees is unfortunately not possible. In exceptional cases, the amount can be paid in cash on site. However, the number of participants is limited.

  • Return debits are to be refunded by you. I don't charge an extra fee for this myself, but the one charged by the bank.

  • Hiking and forest bathing also take place in light rain and wind. If the weather is not at all suitable, an alternative date will be offered soon or the fee will be refunded.

  • Participants are included in everything, but are not obliged to participate in everything. If someone doesn't want to go barefoot at the forest pool, for example, that's no problem. Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary.



Participation in my offers, no matter what kind, is done by the participant (female people are also meant) at their own risk.  Liability is excluded. This includes damage to and loss or theft of property such as keys, handbags, mobile phones, wallets etc., but also damage of any kind (accident, injury...) to participants and property.

My offers are to be regarded as information and do not replace a doctor, naturopath or therapist. I would like to point out that I cannot make any promises of healing and advise you to discuss self-treatment with a doctor or naturopath. I cannot accept any liability or responsibility for later complications when using medicinal plants and herbs or using them in nature or at home. Tastings, production of care products, etc. are always at your own risk and responsibility. I am only liable for damage that has happened consciously and through my gross negligence during one of my offers.

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