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Courses with certificate for "home use"

Here I introduce you to the courses that will test your knowledge, further educate you and which you can use privately for yourself. These are full courses that give you the security you need to work with various herbs and medicinal plants, and they create a good basis for you. With these courses you can build up or deepen your knowledge. They do not serve the professional career, but can be helpful or advantageous for further courses, e.g. to shorten the study time with a good basic knowledge or to bring basic knowledge with you, but also to simply get a taste of the subject. They provide you with the necessary know-how, for example to grow herbs and use them safely or to produce your own products for you, your loved ones or for sale. These courses contain the knowledge of the various herbal excursions that I also offer. These can give you the knowledge you have acquired in a practical way, of course they are not mandatory. The documents were created for you with joy and dedication and are always sent to you in PDF format or made available for free download in the campus area. So I can keep the price low for you and work sustainably and protect the environment. Sustainability and climate change are two essential important aspects. After your studies you will receive your personal participation certificate. Private further training courses always include the certificate in DIN A5 format and in JPEG by mail.

All courses listed here include free access to the bonus site

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