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forest pedagogy

Children discover the world around them with completely different eyes than adults. You are curious, courageous and open. With a lot of fun in nature, they absorb knowledge in a playful way and are accessible for nature conservation and animal welfare in a completely different way.

When I go into the woods with the children, they switch off, they are allowed to be who they are and they learn without learning. You work independently, but also in a group. We always create things that they finish, which builds and builds their confidence and perseverance. They learn to do and manage something independently, but also that outside help is something great and that you can also help others to create something great and big. This promotes closeness and compassion as well as healthy social skills. Exciting, interesting, funny and touching moments often come about in connection with seniors .

For children with a spirit of discovery

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What is forest pedagogy for?

  • Learning and promoting nature and animal protection

  • be close to nature

  • fun and learning

  • train senses

  • Practice social interaction

  • self empowerment and more

  • social detox

  • and much more

Kinder und Tiere...

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We are always dependent on the weather on our adventures, so I would like to ask you to dress your child/children in weatherproof and weather-appropriate clothing. Sturdy shoes and a rain cape would be useful. The children will definitely get very dirty and there may be a hole in their clothes, so please don't send them off in expensive Sunday jeans or a ball gown ;) Old, worn clothes are perfect and nobody needs to be ashamed.

Please also always let me know if your child/children has/have a social problem, an allergy or a handicap.

The cost of the excursion must always be paid in advance, at least 1 week before the date, by bank transfer, unless otherwise stated. Please unsubscribe in good time before the meeting if you no longer wish to attend. Please also briefly read my  terms and conditions   and other  information  . If the adventure day is offered via the VHS, the rules and prices stated there apply.

The dates for the excursions can be found in the calendar . There you will also find further conditions and prices. The children's experience days or hours last between 1 and 2 hours, depending on the information given, since we have to work and calculate with a smaller concentration span here.

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