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Small herbal note

With the small herb license you acquire a great basis in which you get to know the most well-known herbs and trees and their benefits and effects, with which you can start privately with herbalism.
The course does not qualify you to work as a herbalist and to organize your own courses, but the course does contain the knowledge of many herbal excursions that will give you confidence in recognizing edible and poisonous plants. You can work through the documents online in three months, without any stress and without a difficult final test. Once you have finished studying the documents, you will receive your certificate, the »Small Herb Certificate« by email and post. Congratulations...

Content of the course is:

  • 5 toxic and non-toxic wild herbs and plants   safely recognize and use

  • Use 3 important and great trees in many ways

  • Recipes for health, care, beauty and pleasure


Course fee: 24.90 euros

including documents (PDF) and certificate (email and post)

Permanent access to the VIP area of the website (data will be communicated in the mail)

Documents are also available as textbooks on request.

Payable: in advance before sending the documents by bank transfer

A notice:

The course is not timed, so you have all the time in the world. The certificate will be issued as soon as you send me an email that you have worked through the documents. The course fee cannot be refunded after receipt of the documents (PDF) because the documents have been sent. You can withdraw from the contract before the documents are sent, usually within 24 hours of receipt of the money. This course does not authorize the use of the ZAN label. From the second course I give a discount.

I cannot accept any responsibility for damage or similar when copying the content. A plant identification book should be carried along in case the plants are confused with poisonous plants, I can recommend this one *. If you are unsure about a plant, leave it alone. Some plants develop their venom with just a touch, such as the giant hogweed.

The course materials may not be used without my permission

not be published, distributed, edited, copied or passed on in any other way.

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Click here for the big herb certificate

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