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My little thank you to the forest

For the possibility of being able to visit the forest at any time privately or professionally, I would like to give something back to the forest. That's why I decided to donate some of my income to the care, maintenance and replanting of the forest and trees (worldwide).

How do I do that?
Quite simply: If my forest bathing sessions are particularly popular (fully booked and fully booked), I give 10 percent of the income from forest bathing that month to a provider of my choice.


Which forest is it?

I chose three providers:

  • Planet Tree

  • Grow My Tree

  • treedom

Further providers and support from the local forest are in the works.

Why am I doing this?

You can read that above. But the more precise reasons, which are very varied, are distributed on my website in the various articles such as this one (link follows).


And otherwise?

This promotion is voluntary and can be changed or terminated at any time. The amount of the contribution can also vary. There is no obligation on my part.

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go to my first experience report about Grow My Tree

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