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Sale from the farm, at markets and online

The sales room is planned, I will be visiting markets from autumn 2022.

In the future, the sale of some products is planned. This is initially done via markets, later from the farm when you come to my "Kleine Krauterstübchen" and in the online shop. All products are handmade and made from natural raw materials. 

With me you get your own tea blends from the area, garden herbs straight from the bed, chutneys, spreads, salts, oils, jams, vinegars, creams, something for the medicine cabinet and hair care and much more. And of course I am always at your disposal with advice on the products. It is also possible for me to design a gift basket for you, which you can then give away. We can also organize a kind of one-to-one workshop together, in which you make your own products.

When I offer my products at markets, sometimes I'm just there with a pure information stand, I'm always happy to provide information about everything that I love to do. Just talk to me 😉

The "little herb room" should also be able to serve as a workshop and seminar room in the long term, with a connection to my herb garden for small round trips. I'm working on it 😉

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