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My first e-book "Forest bathing for beginners"

Anyone who subscribes to the newsletter gets the e-book at a special price of just 99 cents.


>>> Video  "Introduction to forest bathing"

>>> Video "Book presentation short"


The dispatch does not take place automatically, but only after receipt of the money.


A purchase of the offer for 99 cents via Paypal is only possible as a friend, otherwise I would have to adjust the price upwards. I ask for your understanding, because only without further PayPal fees can I keep the price for the 99 cent offer so low.


content of the book

Forest bathing, called Shinrin Yoku in Japan, is a healthy trend here in Europe too. In this book, I introduce you to the world of forest bathing, bathing in the atmosphere of the forest, with basic knowledge and simple exercises. Find out what forest bathing actually is, how it is practiced and what it can do... >>> Find out more

Ebook "Forest bathing for beginners"

  • Since it is a download and therefore an immediate issue of goods, exchange and return is unfortunately not possible. ---> § 312g Para. 2 BGB and § 356 Para. 4 BGB

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