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Available and orderable from May 2022


This beautiful necklace not only looks good, it also smells good, because it contains a felt pad that you can moisten with your favorite scents. Whenever you feel like it, you can sniff it for a moment.

The chain measures around 60 cm in length and the pendant has a diameter of 3 cm. It is made of stainless steel. The pads are washable. Also ideal as a gift. For example, you can use bergamot or lemongrass when you need some exhilaration, or peppermint or eucalyptus when you have an exam ahead of you. Or just rose oil to please you. 


The set includes:


  • 1x medallion "Tree of Life"
  • 1x chain
  • 10x felt pads in different colors to exchange
  • 1x velvet bag (currently not available, deducted from the price)

Aromatherapie Medaillon-Halskette "Baum des Lebens" inkl. 10 bunte Pads + Vers.

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