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Unfortunately, enjoying nature with all its facets holistically, with all your senses and without technology, has to be taught almost as a subject today, because today's children are more likely to learn how to use a computer, become famous in social media or which app is the coolest. Not only children move away from nature and being nature.

In my courses we simply take a few steps back and take care of the essentials together. In this way we learn to rediscover nature and use it for ourselves. With a forest bath we come back to the ego and can forget the time. As a qualified herbalist, relaxation therapist and author, I would like to experience nature in a new, different way or at all with you. I give courses (herbal excursions, workshops, etc. on the subject of DIY) and give lectures at adult education centres, nature reserves and at trade fairs. Anyone who would like to use this opportunity professionally can do various training and further education courses at the Academy for Nature Education. So there are smaller courses, in which you create a basis, up to the large training courses in nature or forest pedagogy. This is where areas of forest economics, pedagogy for children, seniors and the disabled, as well as other interesting teaching content come into play.

And now I wish you a lot of joy on my pages! 😊


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